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Wooded glades, dappled shade and swathes of blue

At the end of April our long-standing member Janet Bayley ran our popular Bluebell Ride. Here’s her report…

Firstly, thank you to Rachel Wallis, Land Owner of Down Farm, Ewelme, for allowing us to use her field for this Charity Event for Air Ambulance in memory of Diana Younger, a friend and Naphill Riding Club member.

The Charity Trail Ride was a great success with sunshine and bluebells in bloom! A month before the ride, was in doubt as there were 6 trees blocking the routes.

A big thanks also to South Oxfordshire Bridleways team for removing them in time. What I did not anticipate was being so unwell that I could not mark the routes. Kindly Jill Webb, Baxter & Kathy Bristow came to my rescue and did this for me.

A lot of people from as far as Herfordshire, local people and Naphill Riding Club members helped and marshalled to ensure the ride went smoothly. Thanks to Tiddy who took control of the Start & Finish times And Alan who managed to capture riders on film as they passed through Hazel wood / Park Corner - a prime bluebell spot!

Despite the ground being hard, we did have one rider, Julie Payne, who completed the 13.5 mile ride in a bronze time of 5.00 - 5.4 mph. Everyone else rode leisurely to enjoy the views and bluebells. Jennie's exceptional tea & cakes made it such a perfect finish to the ride. Sue Mahony riding her 26 yr old Libby looking very spritely.

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