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In The Ribbons And Off To The Champs!

We saw fabulous success at the British Riding Clubs Area 6 Winter Novice Show Jumping Qualifiers.

We headed to a gloriously sunny 2022 qualifiers with not one, not two but THREE show jumping teams!

Our 80cm Blue Team

Hilary Westall riding Knocknamena Lad

Eleanor Grigg riding Wilco

Rebecca Evans riding Timaskea Mystique Lad

Zoe Harris riding Nyton Cornelius Fudge

Our 80cm Green Team

Our 90cm Team

We could not have competed without our brilliant Teams Manager, Carole Dandy, or our lovely volunteers on the ground, Carolyn Van Vlijmen and Kate Brocklehurst.

The teams also had their dedicated support teams to holler and applaud including club members Frances Harding, Amy Kearney and Nicola Rhodes as well as partners and family.

Their support made all the difference as our 80cm teams came 1st (Green Team) and 3rd (Blue Team) in a large and competitive class of over 50 riders. Anna Loring and Rosie Allen scored 4th and 5th individually too.

The Green Team went on to nearly repeat their success in the 90cm, but a couple of unlucky, pesky poles ended with them securing a still-commendable second place. With two rounds of show jumping in each class, horses and riders needed a good rest afterwards.

So a proud day for Naphill and one team are heading to Grantham (yes, really!) at the end of March for the British Riding Clubs National Championships.

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