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2022 Club Cup Winners

It's that time of year when we announce our worthy winners of our club cups.

A big well done to all those recognised for their achievements in 2022. We all take part in Naphill Riding Club because we love our horses and want to enjoy spending time with them - so we're all winners really 🧀 !

But there are always a few who stand out, and here were our 2022 picks...

Veteran Horse

This year we chose member Tessa's horse Lewis. He is a longtime and much envied Riding Club horse. They may not be out eventing these days, but they're still enjoying plenty of adventures, be it riding club camps, trail rides and more.


Our long-standing member Val Janes won this one. Whatever event she comes to, her and her horse Henry always look like they walked out of a magazine. Many of us are jealous of her Ariat top collection. She even looks good carrying an oversized stick (look out for our Working Equitation clinics if that's your thing!).

Help to the Committee

This year we awarded our "Help to the Committee" cup to Claudia Knight, who volunteered at many of the BRC competitions over the year (allowing our lucky teams to compete). Even at our own events, she was always ready to lend an extra hand. Lucky for us, it looks like she enjoyed enough to join the committee in 2023!

Futter Endeavor Cup

A past member donated this cup to award to the member who had shown the most resilience. Given our club motto of giving things a go, this has to be one of our favourite cups and this year we chose our well-deserving member Hilary Westall. Cheeky Charlie may not be the most predictable at times, but when he's on form, they're on fire and you'll always find Hilary game to get out there and compete for us.

Committee Cup

This one goes to one of our club instructors, Amy. When she's not competing, she's helping the rest of us compete and after a very successful 2022 for the club, her efforts have not been wasted. She's been to nearly every qualifier and championships (wherever in the country) to help riders steel their nerves and enjoy the day.

Sue Goodman Plate for Partnership

A new member to our club and a new, but particularly lovely partnership. Jane and her Jacob win the trophy this year. Jacob is a young boy and was meant to be a racehorse. But Jane and Jacob were meant to be and what a wonderful result it is!

Grooms Award

This year, Simona's long-suffering and supportive son, Alex had to get the award. While not a member, he has trekked up and down the country and not only helps Simona but will help other member's too. We think he might be the secret to Simona's success (read on...)

Horse of the Year

Simona's Billy won this year - and what a horse he is! Simona and Billy qualified for pretty much every single BRC Championship in 2022 showing (annoyingly for the rest of us) you really can excel in every discipline.

The following are all awarded for points gained over the year:

Apollo Trophy

For the top trail rider in 2022 the award goes to Jill Web!

Member's Dressage

2022 saw the return of our Members Only Dressage series. Three competitions held over the summer and autumn months and only 1 point was in it between 1st and 2nd place. Jessica Campbell-Karn clinched top spot with Why Not Wilhelm with Alison Pitcher hot on her heels riding Darcey.

Team Cup

Simona Gritz (unsurprisingly) wins the Teams cup with a whopping 17 points amassed in 2022

Sommerhalder Trophy

The Sommerhalder Trophy was donated by one of our founding members and every year we award it to the member who attended the most events. And this year, the award goes to the very well-turned out Val Janes with an amazing 27 points. Karen Curran followed closely though with 26 points - we want to say a big thank you to these two stellar members!

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Tessa Baylis
Tessa Baylis
Feb 06, 2023

Big thank you from us both for the Veteran Horse cup for 2022. What an unexpected surprise! He is very ‘special’ 🥰


Hilary Westall
Hilary Westall
Jan 21, 2023

Oh thank you Naphill!!! Think I've won this good to see I've not given up and quit then!! Very aptly put about Charlie....when he's good he's very very good, but when he's bad he's horrid!!


Jane Vowles
Jane Vowles
Jan 21, 2023

Oh wow! I've just seen that Jacob has won the Sue Goodman plate! He's such a great horse to ride, really tries to get it right even if his aged mummy gets in a muddle. We were hoping to hit the ground running in the Spring, but we literally did hit the ground during the winter and are off games until at least March. Roll on the summer - can't wait to get back to riding my lovely boy. Thank you for the recognition! Jane x

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