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Success at Riding Club National Arena Eventing Championships!

Club member Zoe Harris, riding Nyton Cornelius Fudge (Fudge as he is know as at home), qualified back in September 2020 for the British Riding Clubs National Arena Eventing championships.

It was touch and go if they would make it to the event due to Fudge being injured and then Zoe having an pretty major operation just seven weeks before the competition.

Luckily, everything lined up and they made it there.

The course was tough and twisty. Nine show jumps were followed by fourteen cross country fences. It ends with all important joker fence ahead of them - an upright show jump. This always challenges the horses as they have to switch gears from their cross country mindset back to show jumping.

But Zoe and Fudge showed their mettle though: they went double clear within the time. Out of forty competitors, she was only one of two riders who managed it.

Just one second away from the optimum time than the other competitor, they came a close second place.

Fudge, at 13hh, was the smallest pony there, so he had to be super speedy to make the time. What a fantastic achievement!

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