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Sommerhalder Points & Trophies Explained

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Andrea Sommerhalder donated the Sommerhalder Points Trophy in 1996 in memory of her late husband, Robert.

Originally members gained one point for entering any ridden class at a Naphill Riding Club members’ event. At the end of the year points were tallied and the member with the most points was awarded the cup.

Over the years, the criteria have changed, and the committee reviewed the points awarding system. After discussions with Andrea, we agreed to go back to basics. From January 2020 the committee agreed that one point for entering events would be awarded as follows:-

  • One point for ridden events within the club, including dressage, show jumping competitions and training and camps.

  • One point for each class at open events that we organise as a club. No points are awarded for club riding holidays though.

  • One point for entering e-Dressage

  • One point for representing Area 6 competitions/qualifiers and national championships. Members will be awarded one point for each discipline when held on the same day

  • One point for pleasure/trail rides – points for bronze, silver, gold to go towards the Apollo Trophy

Other trophies and how we award them

Helpers’ Cup

  • One point for every event you help at

Dressage Cup

  • Points awarded for placings 1st to 6th - i.e. 1st place 6 points etc

Show Jumping Cup

  • Points awarded for placings 1st to 6th - i.e. 1st place 6 points etc

Team Cup

  • One point for entering each class at an Area or Championship event

e-Dressage Cup

  • Points awarded by extrapolating the results for NRC members from the overall results and points awarded for NRC placings 1st to 6th

Apollo Trophy

All riders receive one point for entering pleasure or competitive. Where there is one set route, the minimum speed to qualify for completion point and rosette, and corresponding points awards are as follows:

  • 4.5mph (7.25km) = 2 points

  • For bronze award 5.5mph (9.00km) = 4 points in total

  • For silver award 6mph (9.75km) = 6 points in total

  • For gold award 7mph (11.25km) = 8 points in total

For Competitive trail ride where different distances are offered, if riders elect to do the longer routes, one extra point will be given on all speeds, i.e.:

  • 4.5mph = 3 points

  • Bronze 5.5mph = 5 points

  • Silver 6mph =7 points

  • Gold 7mph = 9 points

For rides that offer longer routes, riders must achieve the minimum speed at a certain given distance in the ride to be allowed to continue onto the longer route.

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