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BRC Winter Dressage Qualifier 2020

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Naphill competitors had a good day at Wellington. The event drew record entries, so competition was fierce.

We were delighted to put forward two Naphill teams (and Rosie Allen competed in an extra class as an individual).

Although both teams were just out of the ribbons, we had two riders securing second and third place respectively - Catarina Eriksson, a new member, on Traq Time and Peter Cowdery on Smokey Jo.

Rosie Allen also finished 7th in both her tests and Rebecca Evans came 8th in hers.

Our Blue Team finished seventh (Anna Loring, Caterina Eriksson, Eleanor Grigg and Rosie Allen).

Our Green team finished ninth (Rebecca Evans, Hilary Westall, Peter Cowdery and Megan Ellis).

Out of 20 teams and stiff competition, very pleasing results and judges' comments on a soggy old Sunday!

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1 commentaire

Jan Gregory
Jan Gregory
24 déc. 2020

Hello NRC thank you for sending this email, it gave me a giggle as I remember when we used to hold a yearly gymkhana, always a great laugh and fun, I hope you do hold this event again.

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