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2021 Club Cup Winners

Congratulations to the well-deserving members of our club cups for 2021. Details below!

Veteran Horse - Nicola Rhodes' Major (read more about this lovely boy here)

Groom's Award - Mercedes Doughty for help and support to Lyn and Buddy

Turnout - Carolyn Van Vlijman and Smokey Joe

Help to the Committee - Mary Hilder for West Wycombe

Committee Cup - Alan Bayley for being a very proactive riding club husband

Trish Smith Entertainment Cup - Annabel Balderson for the Halloween Ride Very scary fancy dress.

Futter Endeavour cup - Rebecca Evans and Conner (read more about this youngster here)

Sue Goodman Plate for Partnership - Karlyn Hume and Daisy

Horse of the Year - Jax Johnston’s Inka

The following are all awarded for points gained over the year:

Apollo Trophy - Trail ride Angela Miles and Jagger (read more about this lovely mare here)

E Dressage - 1st Hilary Westall joint 2nd Lisa Yolland/Nicky Partridge 3rd Jenny Everett (read more about Hilary's Charlie here)

Team Cup - Jax Johnston

Helpers - Carole Dandy

Sommerhalder - 1st Hilary Westall 23 points. 2nd Jax Johnston 20 points. 3rd Rosie Allen 18pts.

Winners of the AGM Training Vouchers Draw:

Michele Gregory

Jane Walton

Steph Hart

Catarina Eriksson

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