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2020 Winter SJ Qualifier

Our NRC team competed in the 80cm class and we were represented by:

  • Hilary Westall on Charlie

  • Jax Johnston on Lilly

  • Tamara King on Glenside Lass

  • Hannah Reclik on Rio

Above: Tamara on Glenside Lass

The weather was thankfully fine and all members rode consecutively, which is always good for team morale! The first round rode well outside and seemed to flow nicely but the indoor course wasn’t as popular with lots of competitors finding it more challenging, except Charlie who much preferred it indoors!

Lilly and Jax did a nice first round and both Tamara and Hannah with their respective mounts did very well in both, picking up only 4 faults a piece.

Tamara was 6th individually which was very pleasing and we converted Hilary’s lorry into our Naphill cafe and enjoyed a cuppa and piece of cake etc to celebrate and chat about the experience.

We, of course, were allowed to be in close quarters then... and it seems such a long time ago!

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Jax Johnston
Jax Johnston
28 may 2020

More Ian sessions in the pipeline at Pipers Valley Farm

Me gusta
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