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Fri, 05 Jul


Moreton Morrell (Warwick College)


Deposits Due by 5th June for those who want to secure their place on the camp.


Time & Location

05 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 08 Jul 2024, 17:00

Moreton Morrell (Warwick College), Moreton Morrell, Warwick CV35 9AL, UK


About the Event

2024 Moreton Morrell Riding Club Camp…..5th to 8th July

Camp will run over 3 days this year, following the same format as last year.

When and where we go:

Arrive Friday afternoon  any time after 3pm

(Riding Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Leave approx 4pm Monday 10th July

Moreton Morrell College CV35 9BP

The campus is 64 miles from Naphill but a very easy journey of around 1hr 15 min in a trailer or lorry.

It’s a friendly, grown-up Pony Club camp, offering training, a relaxed social atmosphere and time to enjoy all things equestrian, but with definitely no tack or stable inspections!

For those who haven’t been before, the College offers excellent facilities, with two covered arenas and one outdoor, so we can plan a varied programme and all work on good surfaces, whatever the weather. The horses will be stabled in permanent ‘American barn’ facilities and riders can opt for individual, ensuite  college rooms or use their lorry or trailer to ‘camp’ on site. There will be a campers’ room so a shower is available and we will have access to common rooms area with fridges etc.

NB it is possible to graze horses in hand but there is no grass turnout option.

What we do:

There will be two sessions each day and there will be a variety of training options. As well as flatwork lessons, we can offer sessions on:

Jumping – from ‘crossed cocktail sticks’ upwards


Pole work /pole physio – ridden flatwork exercises with poles. Arena cross country jumping (the ground on the cross country course at Moreton Morrell is not always suitable for training in high summerdsds). Dressage and arena craft – working to refine test movements for the best possible marks..

Other things may be possible – ask and we’ll try!

Our instructors are available for two teaching slots each day.

Before we go everyone will complete a preference form and from this we work out a programme to suit as many individual wishes as possible. This means that, over the course of three days (six sessions), you will be probably be riding with different instructors and riders.

Everyone will have a session scheduled both morning and afternoon each day, the exact format or length of lessons will be determined by your preferences and you will get the programme in advance of camp. The sessions may vary from larger groups doing flatwork, jumping or pole lessons to paired shorter sessions on any more specific requests.

BUT be aware things may be altered. In previous year’s extreme heat meant that some sessions were shortened / rescheduled so come prepared to be flexible.

We will try our very best to meet everyone’s requests but  it is very tricky to sort out so please be aware some compromises may be needed to give everyone the best possible time.

Down time:

In previous years we self-catered for breakfast and lunch; you can bring food with you and use the fridges/microwave in the common rooms, and there is Sainsbury’s in Lighthorne for top-ups.  The college canteen MAY be also open (but it was not available last year), we will confirm that when we know.

In the evenings we will eat out in local pubs or you can make your own arrangements.

There is always plenty of time for watching others ride, drinking (tea and wine/beer) and eating cake, hopefully while sitting in the sunshine.

What will it cost:

We have worked out costs, but please be aware they are subject to some adjustment depending on numbers.

Hostel room £360 (£240 for horses/instructors/facilities etc and £120 for your room  You will be responsible for paying for your room direct to the college, details to follow 

Camping (with shared use of a room/shower)  £300 (£240 for horses/instructors/facilities etc and £60 for your shared use of a room- minimum 2 campers – this may be reduced depending on the number of campers

These costs include hay but do NOT include hard feed for horses, or any human food.

College horses are available for an extra £45.


We plan to have a maximum of 18 riders.

To secure your place please pay a £100 deposit via the club website BY 5th June

Your College room (£120) needs to be paid for directly with the college by 17th June

A final payment of £140 or £185 if you require a college Horse falls due on 1st July.

You need to let us know if you are camping in your lorry / trailer or require a college room.  Also email that you have paid to me at (phone 01844 347972 with queries)

Once you have booked and paid a deposit we will send out more information, preference forms etc

Deb, Carole and Mary

Naphill Riding Club Event Terms and Conditions

Naphill Riding Club Camps and clinics Terms and Conditions are there to protect you, our coaches and the venues we use.

For the purpose of the terms and conditions – ‘Us’ or ‘We’ refers to Naphill Riding Club Camps and clinics, ‘Riders’ or ‘You’ refer to the person who is attending the camp/clinic/lesson.

When you purchase a place at camp or a clinic you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and bound to uphold them from the time of booking.

Deposit: The amount payable per lesson or camp space to Naphill Riding Club at the time of booking to secure a place. This is non-refundable except at the discretion of Naphill Riding Club and will secure your place up until the date that final payments are due. If final payments are not made on the required date, your place is no longer guaranteed and may be offered to someone else.

Final Payment: The final amount payable per lesson or camp space to Naphill Riding Club is due on the date stated on the booking form, it may be paid before the due date but not after. This is non-refundable unless the camp space can be filled. Cancellation after this due date will mean that you (the rider) are still liable for the full payment for the camp. If final payments are not made on the required date, your place is no longer guaranteed and may be offered to someone else.

If we cancel an event due to forces beyond our control a rescheduled date will be offered or a refund of the amount paid by you at that point. Naphill Riding Club reserves the right to cancel the event at any time for Health and Safety reasons. This is at the discretion of the Organisers.

There will be no rebates or deductions for early departure, late arrival, missed lessons, meals or entertainment.

Camp and clinic places are non-transferable without the consent of Naphill Riding Club. Cancellations are accepted by email to the event organiser.

Forms:  All booking forms and menu choices must be completed by the date stipulated in correspondence. Failure to provide this information may result in you and your horse not being placed in a suitable group or your food choices not being available.

Naphill Riding Club riders take pictures and videos at camps and clinics which may be published on social media. We reserve the right to publish all images/footage, if you do not wish to have images or videos of you published, please inform us prior to the event. Images/videos may not be replicated on social media or any other platform without prior consent from Naphill Riding Club.

We reserve the right to use images and videos taken at our events for marketing purposes.

Following booking a camp/clinic space we will contact you with information which is relevant to the event. Please read this information carefully, it is your responsibility to ensure you have reviewed all communication properly.

We may also contact you about other related events in the future. We will never share or sell your information with unconnected third parties as per our privacy policy.

We reserve the right to change coaches/timetables and event content without notice, but will do so only when absolutely necessary, for reasons such as illness or in the event of weather or health and safety concerns impacting the advertised plans. No refunds will be made if this happens.

Please respect and adhere to the venue’s rules and policies.

Please pick up droppings from the yard, car park and walkways.

Riders must wear appropriate riding clothing including current standard riding hat fastened with a chin strap.  Current standard body protectors and hats without a fixed peak must be worn on any xc course.

Riders are not permitted on any xc course unless accompanied by our coach.

Speakers/company demonstrations attending our camps/clinics are operating under their own insurance.

Data Protection: By booking on and accepting these T&C’s you acknowledge that information you are giving will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 but may also be made available to Insurers and other concerned parties in the event of any injury or accident. This includes sharing of any confidential medical information you have shared with Naphill Riding Club – we will share this in confidence with our coaches at our events to make sure they know of any risks or previous injuries This also affects any claim in respect of your horse attending or bringing to camp any disease.

Camp rules: Riders must comply with all reasonable instructions given by Naphill Riding Club organisers and must observe the rules of the event. Riders must always show support for other riders. We will not tolerate unkind or unsupportive behaviour. If riders are found to not be following the camp rules or endangering others, we reserve the right to ask them to leave, without incurring liability or offering any form of refund.

Riders must be capable of riding and controlling their horse in an open space with other horses and riders.

Please ensure that your tack fits correctly and is suitable for the lessons you have signed up for.

Riders must take full responsibility for any damage caused by themselves or their horses.

Each horse is the responsibility of its owner/rider, and all activities are undertaken at your own risk.

Stables are to be left mucked out and the floor swept. If they are not left as you found them, you will be charged a fee

All horse must have an up-to-date vaccination certificate and passport that has been validated by the signature and date stamp of a veterinary surgeon. The vaccination certificate must accompany the horse to the Naphill Riding Club event and the rider is responsible for producing it on demand.

Naphill Riding Club is not liable for any skin conditions, contagious infections or diseases contracted whilst at camps or clinics. If any horse is showing symptoms when you arrive at an event a vet will be called at your expense to check for undiagnosed illness and you could be asked to leave.

Any horse deemed unsound by the coach may be excluded from lessons and no refund will be offered.

Riders must notify Naphill Riding Club of any behavioural issues their horse has which may be of a health and safety concern such as bucking, biting, kicking etc.

Naphill Riding Club will not be held responsible for riders or their guests being injured by their own or other rider’s horses. Riders are advised to not to ride or enter into stables of horses that are not their own property.

Naphill Riding Club will not be held liaible for any damage or loss to tack, equipment or vehicles riders bring to camps or event.


  • MM Camp Deposit Due 5th June

    Camp Deposit Due 5th June 2024

    Sale ended
    • £100.00
  • Final P'ment Hostel Due 1.7.24

    Final payment for those bringing their own horse and staying in the Hostel - due 1.7.24

  • Final Room & horse due 1.7.24

    Final payment for those who have booked a college horse and are staying in the hostel - due 1st July 2024

  • Final P'ment camper due 1.7.24

    Final camp payment for camping




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